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Over the years there has always been a social section of the Society which has varied between very active and less conspicuous. At the present time, and for the last nine years, we have been carrying out an extensive and varied series of events.


Going back over 40 years it started with film shows (driving!), trips out and cheese and wine evenings; other events have included fashion shows and musical evenings. It was felt it was important to revive this aspect of the Society in order to bring members together and to introduce any new or potential members to a friendly and welcoming atmosphere – as well as having a good time! Of course it doesn’t preclude any member of the community turning up because they just fancy that particular event; there are no ‘members only’ activities.

The present Social Committee was formed in 2003 and over the last three years we have had days out to various places, including trips to York and Chester where we were given free guided tours by their Civic Societies, a trip to see a Gilbert and Sullivan production at the Buxton Opera House which also included a three course meal, visits to various stately homes and half day visits to local places of interest. There has been a series of talks (with refreshments) inaugurated and an annual social evening with a hot pot supper and a variety of quality entertainment.

One special ‘one-off’ event was our VE60 night when we invited veterans from the local area to join us. They were treated to a night of wartime music, a sumptuous buffet and free commemorative glasses. Everyone came dressed in wartime costume and we even had an armoured vehicle parked outside.

Our aims remain the same, bring people together from the community whether members or not and it is their choice if they want to become more involved in the work of the Society. The emphasis is still to have an enjoyable time in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.